About us

 Non-commercial partnership “Karelian resource Centre of non-governmental organizations” (further – KRC) was established in 2001. The Centre is socially oriented non-commercial organization, uniting legal bodies and private persons on a voluntary basis and aiming at consolidation of efforts of its members for the development of social structures in the Republic of Karelia. The main aim of the Centre is to increase the efficiency of citizen associations and non-governmental organizations and also to strengthen their role in cooperation with authorities for the settlement of public problems, promotion of values and experience of civil policy. By creating the resource opportunities the Centre promotes development of non-commercial sector and the civil society in Russia, establishment of the constructive dialog among civil society, authorities and business with the view to improving life quality, social and economic growth of the Republic of Karelia. KRC implements its activity on the following directions:<br />
Development and implementation of projects in social and economic spheres in Karelia; • Support of civil initiatives and effective public involvement; • Consulting support of non-profit organizations; • Conducting of independent research; • Strengthening of interethnic relationships; • Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Centre has been a member of the Council of NGOs to the Legislative Assembly Chairman of the Republic of Karelia since 2002, takes part in the legislative project expertise and different programs, which are supported by the Council and aimed at the development of institutions of civil society. The Centre acquired a status of the partnership between the Council of Europe and national NGOs in 2005 emerged from the joint event with the Council of Europe – International Forum “Development of Non-Governmental Organizations Cooperation in the European North: Current Situation and Perspectives”. KRC is the only organization with such a status on the territory of the Republic of Karelia and that fact confirms the important role of the Centre as a mediator in the settlement of international issues. KRC has gained significant experience in different projects’ implementation during 13 years of its existence. It has various directions of work and partnership in different spheres: interethnic relations, the development of civil society, implementation of activities in spheres of tourism, education, enlightenment, culture, health, accessible environment for people with disabilities and etc. Nowadays the Center has good partner relations with most of Karelian NGOs and with foreign ones, local and regional authorities. The long-term international projects are implemented, meetings and events are conducted in Karelia, as well as in Finland, Denmark, Poland.